Prufenpuden German Shepherd Bloodlines

Purebred Trained German Shepherds for sale

ARTC (Animal Resorts and Training Center) and Canine Services has a small, but very select program of german shepherd breeding in Kentucky (KY), that has for the past twenty four years produced outstanding companion animals that can work. A large percentage of our dogs are destined to simply be loving home companions, but we work hard to maintain working ability and natural protectiveness in our bloodlines. The "proof is in the puddin'" and Von Prufenpuden bloodlines have been guarding hearts and homes since 1986, which was when I purchased my first showline german shepherd, a VA Lasso di val Sole granddaughter. You can learn more about the history of our bloodline on our Prufenpuden The History page.

Purebred German Shepherds in Kentucky for sale

We have found that many of today's American-Bred German Shepherds lack the confidence that originally made the breed so popular and therefore we avoid incorporating any American Bloodlines into our German Shepherd breeding in Kentucky (KY).

On another end of the spectrum, the working police dog lines out of Europe are often too extreme in their nature to make companions, but do offer extreme loyalty and have a natural hardiness that is much desired in working.