German Shepherd Titled Studs

At Animal Resorts and Training Center, I take pride in the quality of German Shepherds that are offered to the public for stud. These German Shepherds both from my own personal breeding of Prufenpuden bloodlines or are male German Shepherds I personally have worked with and trained since they were young pups. In most cases they are proven sires of litters that I have personally evaluated. The German Shepherds listed on this page have all had vet x-rays of hips. Every stud listed on this page has Titles proving their intelligence and trainability, they are also family pets. The titles consist of AKC obedience titles and/or Schutzhund titles which consists of three areas of testing, obedience, tracking and protection. All German Shepherd studs have balanced temperaments. Please contact me to help you with fitting the proper stud with your pedigree.