Trained dogs and puppies for sale.

Trained purebred German Shepherd dogs for sale in kentucky.

At Animal Resorts and Training Center in Frankfort, Kentucky we raise and sell top quality obiedient trained dogs. These trained dogs are usually German Shepherds that have been family raised and trained and are from the best German or European bloodlines available to us. Many are third or fourth generation of our own personal Prufenpuden bloodlines.

Prices will vary depending on age, level of personal protection training and the pedigree of the individual dog. Contact us for details on our professionally trained personal protection dogs or to request a puppy or dog to be trained to your specifications. Click on the "For Sale" link at the top to view our trained purebred German Shepherd Dogs for sale, our trained Doberman Pinscher dogs for sale, our purebred German Shepherd puppies for sale OR our purebred doberman pinscher puppies for sale.

Our Trained Dogs Health & Temperament

All Animal Resorts and Canine Services puppies come with a full 10 day health guarantee against congenital health defects, a full unconditional temperament guarantee and a guarantee to x-ray free of crippling hip dysphasia at one year of age.

Puppies for sale in three (3) grades

  • Show Quality puppies are our "PICKS" of the litter. These puppies have the potential to be sound and correct in structure as well as the ability to perform the work that is expected of a dog.Purebred Doberman Pinscher Puppies for sale in Kentucky
  • Working Quality puppies are deemed to be puppies of exceptional drive and outstanding temperament, but have a minor conformation flaw that would prevent them from competing successfully in conformation.
  • Pet Quality puppies come in all forms as far as looks go, but for whatever reason lack the necessary spark needed to make exceptional working or competition dogs. This in no way affects their ability to provide years of companionship and service and may quite frankly be the perfect dog to suit the needs of many people. Pet quality dogs are not culls, they are just not the cream of the crop at this tender age. Many, many of them make amazing turn-arounds once placed into a home where they receive the tender loving care they need to thrive.

Full -vs- Limited Registration

A great advance that the American Kennel Club has recently offered is for breeders to sell puppies with AKC papers, but to limit their breeding rights for those people that have no wish to breed or have bought a puppy that is not of breed quality. There is no need to pay for a show quality dog if you have no intentions of showing the dog! AKC limited registration allows the puppy buyer all the rights and privileges of other AKC puppies with the exception of breeding rights. Dogs with limited registration can still show in tracking, obedience competitions, agility and other AKC performance events that are both fun and useful for the owner and the dog.

One final note about limited registration: nothing makes us happier than to be proven wrong about one of our pet quality puppies. If you purchase a dog with limited registration and he/she turns out to be a "super dog" we will happily replace your limited papers with full registration papers. The requirements are simple, that is, hip certification from either the OFA or PennHipp that certifies this dog to be of breed quality, as well as a working title. Examples of such titles are, but not limited to: AKC obedience titles, Schutzhund titles, Search and Rescue Certification or Service Dogs Certification. Nothing makes us happier than to see our dogs out serving the purpose for which they were bred.