Customers and what they are saying

"I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for the gift of Cannon!!! He is the most amazing young man EVER!!!! He is the definition of PERFECTION!!! We are in love with him!!!! I don't know who's happier…. US or HIM!!!! We are totally sprung over Cannon - we have been showing him off EVERYWHERE!!!! He's a celebrity around here :) Life is wonderful thanks to you and your wonderful staff.

Thank you again - Cannon is a fine example of your expertise. Everyone at Protection Dog Sales truly the best of the best - and a blessing to our family. Let me just say that we are customers for LIFE with y'all….. I will NEVER own another "child" that y'all didn't train - it's that simple.

Shannon, Dan and Cannon, Tennessee/Florida


"I wanted to take a moment and write a testimonial for others to read about my interaction and experience working with you and your team members during the purchase of my dog and new friend, Bane. As a retired high ranking official appointed directly by our Governor, a former adjudicary law judge for our states Attorney General's office, and as a former chief investigator, and a former private security company business owner who worked with a highly trained guard dog, I know better than most the importance of having a friend, companion and protector who can be depended on.

I sold my business and my friend/dog soon passed on. I waited sometime before deciding to buy a family protection dog. I did a lot of research and found David Harris and Protection Dog Sales. Anyone looking for a family protection dog need not look any further. David Harris and Protection Dog Sales is your premier dog trainers. David took the time to ask all the right questions so I would have a dog that met (exceeded) all my needs! I know doing business on the internet has many inherent risks but, not here! David Harris and his staff are the most qualified (read David's bio) and ethical group I've had the pleasure to work with. There website doesn't even begin to describe what a quality animal you are buying and the care and commitment that goes into training these remarkable animals.

When I received my new friend, Bane I was absolutely elated. What an incredible animal! The time and care David and his group put into training Bane reflects well of them and there organization. Bane is the easiest going dog, playful, fun and loving with my entire family and you would never know he has a protective side until you encounter a stranger. Bane switches modes and becomes your immediate protector but, NEVER over reacting; showing great restrain and control. During the entire time of my purchase and even after the sale and delivery, Protection Dog Sales continues to provide exemplary service. Promptly answering any questions that may arise. All I can say is look no further for a family protection dog. These dogs are unique and trained by the most highly qualified individuals who are passionate, committed and obviously care about there reputation. If you want the best, call David Harris. You won't regret your decision. "

Wayne Dotson, New Mexico


"I cannot express how grateful my wife and I are regarding your generosity by training Rage at no cost. She is like a new dog and we all are much less stressed and very happy with the outcome. You and your crew are top notch just as your reputation in the community proves.

Rage is doing wonderful back at home. We don't know why we didn't send her to training 8 years ago and we will do so with any future animal we might own. During the journey with you we also have learned a lot about animal behavior and about us as owners. The whole experience has been educational and exciting and we are still learning. We also continue to work with her daily and employ your instructions with both of our dogs. Recently, we have been working with Rage's food/stress hesitations and she's eating out of my hand without a hitch. Please share our appreciation with your staff.

Although we do not know a lot of dog owners we will certainly always refer Animal Training and Resorts for training and kennel needs. I also would like to extend my services as a computer network engineer and IT Consultant to you at no cost whenever needed. It's the least I can do. Please call or email anytime I might be able to help with anything computer related."

Aaron, Angela, Baby Ava, and RAGE Coots


"We have been taking our dogs to Animal Resorts for training since 2000 when we purchased our first dog, Kira, there. We've since purchased two more wonderful dogs from Animal Resorts, Izzy and Jax, and with David's knowledgeable advice and able assistance they have become fine companions and working dogs that have gone on to win many awards. David is not just our dogs breeder and trainer, but has become our personal friend as well. The entire Harris family is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. We couldn't ask for a better place or better people to trust with our dogs or count as our friends."

Joey & Amy Epperson


"My family purchased our golden retriever, Hobbes, from Animal Resorts in 1996. We participated in the puppy obedience programs. With guidance and support from David, Hobbes received his Companion Dog (CD) certificate at 11 months of age with a first place performance in his and my very first competition.

The staff at Animal Resorts showed us the right way to develop our dog into a wonderful companion. As a result, Hobbes enjoys the extra freedom to travel with us and spend quality time "off lead", only possible with a trained dog. I have watched David, and his staff treat all the dogs in their care in a humane way with the goal of making them worthy of being called "True Companions".

Animal Resorts will be our first stop when my family is ready for a new canine companion."

Bob Stone


"Suffice it to say that I recommend you guys to everyone I know who has a dog. I really like the ongoing relationship you keep with my dogs, going on 5 years now. Keep up the good work. Jack Russell & Australian Cattle Dog."

Lavinia and Michael Spirito


"David Harris is a wonderful trainer. He genuinely cares about their patrons and each of their individual situations. We have had several of our treasured canine friends trained at Canine Services and have always had excellent results. We have also utilized the boarding services of Animal Resorts many times over the past several years and were pleased. David and staff have a genuine love for animals. We have seen this compassion demonstrated time and time again over the years. It is wonderful to see individuals who put their heart and soul into their work."

Randy and Nancy Winters


"Seven Years Ago at a very difficult time in my life I found myself needing a highly trained protection dog. I found the ad for Canine Services and placed the call. Upon hearing of my situation I was told about several dogs they had for sale that would fit my needs. Due to not being able to get to Frankfort that day, yet desperately needing something to give me peace-of-mind, they had one of their trainers bring a dog (CJ, a two year old personal protection trained German Shepherd) to my home in Lexington. I ended up buying this dog and have never regretted it. In fact over the years I have purchased two more trained Shepherds as well as referring numerous friends that have also purchased dogs from them. Included in the purchase price of this highly trained dog were classes for me to learn how to handle this type of dog. We started attending obedience classes that David held at a local park during the week and also attended personal protection classes on the weekend in Frankfort. I have been very thankful and impressed with the level of training that not only CJ's received but that I have received as well. In fact our training has enabled CJ to earn her CD title, but not just earn, we came in first 3 out of 5 times, once scoring a 196 1/2 out of a possible 200! CJ and I have also done numerous demo days and have been featured on the six o'clock news in a special report that Fox ran on how women today can protect themselves. Thus proving how stable and versatile dogs purchased from CSU are.

Over the years CJ and I have moved, first to NC and now to SC, however, we still travel to KY at least once a year to train with CSU. And knowing that age is creeping up on CJ I realize it is time to buy another sport/personal protection dog (my other dogs are purely for home protection). And the only place that I would consider buying any dog is Canine Services because I know that David will sell me a dog that will be mentally stable, trained exactly to my specifications, not to tough for me to handle, and that somebody from CSU will be available should I ever need them."

Amber Gilbert


"David Harris is without a doubt the most talented, hard-working, and gifted trainer I know. He is dedicated in educating, training, and serving their customers. I have come to rely on their friendship and service in enhancing my relations with the canine kingdom and in particular my dog Obi. In choosing Canine Services Unlimited you will receive value, dedication, and training which emphasize positive reinforcement."