Prufenpuden History

Marc represents the third generation of our bloodline. Prufenpuden Kennels has been building over a sixteen year period, being established on the best European bloodlines available to us. Our foundation bitch is Stacia, daughter of Achat von Ollensteiner Fels, and granddaughter of Lasso di val Sol. Stacia was a multi-purpose dog that was talented in many disciplines, such as Search and Rescue, tracking, obedience, protection, drug work, therapy work. She has raised five litters of pups, four kids, and one kitten. Best known for her phenomenal retrieving talent, both on land, on water, and underwater, Stacia died of natural causes a few years back. She died the way she lived, with style and dignity. She lives on in our hearts and memories and continues to be an excellent representative of the true German Shepherd dog.

Stacia was bred to V-Quarz von Ulrikenburg, Sch III to produce two excellent pups, Bella and Baylor. Both were sold as pups and titles were never fully achieved; however, breeding rights were secured and we were able to move forward. Bella was bred to 1991 USA Sieger Harko von der Wilhelmswarte and produced Marc von Prufenpuden. Baylor was bred to Emma von Medlenhaus, a Cliff von Huhnegrab daughter, to produce one outstanding bitch, Jesse von Prufenpuden. Jesse was bred to Marc to produce our fourth generation of German Shepherd stars, namely, Lexus von Prufenpuden, CD, CDX, Xezac von Prufenpuden, CD, and Ramos von Prufenpuden. After considerable research, we have added new bloodlines to our breeding program. Some are complete outcrosses designed to bring back health and vitality to our bloodlines and some will continue our current line breeding off Lasso di val Sol bloodlines.

One new bitch, Dixie vom Kein Ausrede is a Vopo vom Kirschental daughter and is 3-3 Lasso di val Sole and really compliments our foundation bloodlines well. Bred to Marc she has produced many outstanding progeny, but these three really stand out. Santana, W-Jerry Lee and Winny von Prufenpuden our excellent representatives of our fourth generation and shows we are moving in the right direction with our breeding program.

Three new bitches were added in 2002 that represent out crosses to our current bloodline and will strengthen our bloodline and allow it's continued improvement into the future. The new bitches are Hady von Haus Kiewel a Belschik von Eicken-Bruche daughter, Julchen vom Rittmeister an outstanding Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich granddaughter with super strong working line influences and Gayla vom Grunheide who is a Vedor vom Wildsteiger Land daughter and brings back to our bloodline both Fedor von Arminius and Lasso di val Sole to continue our planned line breeding of those older German conformation lines.

Santana von Prufenpuden represents the fourth generation of our bloodline. He is without question one of Marc and Dixie's finest son's. He has an outstanding temperament rolled into a very attractive body type. Is an extremely happy dog, but with a serious streak that makes him an outstanding personal protection dog. Very athletic in build he can run for hours on end with no obvious sign of stress or strain. He has outstanding prey drive and trains well in obedience and protection. His puppies have had deep red pigment and very substantial bone.

Sanata's sire is Marc von Prufenpuden who is a son to 1991 USA Sieger Harko von der Wilhelmswarte. Santana's dam is Dixie vom Kein Ausrede who is a Vopo vom Kirschental daughter and is 3-3 Lasso di val Sole and really compliments our foundation bloodlines well. Santana's pedigree reflects our continued desire to line breed on VA Lasso di val Sol bloodlines.

For pictures of Santana's progeny or more information on arranging a breeding to Santana contact David Harris at 502-542-9747.